Institut d'études anglicanes francophones à Québec

The Anglican Way in French: Vive l’anglicanisme !

IÉAFQ (Éditions du Lys Vert is the publishing side of IÉAFQ) can take payment by several methods.

To donate using a major credit card, fill in the form below and press the "support us" button. Or, if you prefer not to use a credit card, please make your donation by mailing us either a cheque or a money order in Canadian Dollars, made payable to IÉAFQ or to Lys Vert. Include your email address with your donation and we will send you a receipt.

If you have an account with Caisse Desjardins you can make a transfer of your donation directly into the Institut bank account. Please email us of your intention to do this and we will send you our account number.

Since we are still in the process of being registered as a Charity, we are not yet in a position to offer you a receipt for your Canadian income tax purposes. This will come.

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