Éditions du Lys Vert

Dedicated to publishing formative Anglican texts in French

This is a new Québec publishing house – a publishing cottage, you might say – on the shores of the Fleuve. Le fleuve means just one thing in Québec: the lordly St Lawrence, issue of the Great Lakes. Lys Vert grows with its feet in the fleuve. Our first fruits are pictured a click away (at BOOKS): A Margin of Silence: The Holy Spirit in Russian Orthodox Theology, by Rowan Williams. It’s a first edition of a radiant little essay by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and our first translation into French of an Anglican text, both in one.

Lys Vert exists to bring the thought, prayer and theology of the Anglican Communion, its sense and sensibility, its ‘quest for holiness’ that bit more into the French language, by translating significant Anglican writings. French is spoken in Anglican worship and literature in plenty of places round the world, but minority language and ethos need ongoing affirmation, and French is in a minority on the Anglican scene.

And it’s especially easy to forget ‘the accents’ in cyberspace. Perhaps in fact your screen doesn’t show them? Then you know what we mean. But they’re there, like the stars at noonday. We don’t want them to become endangered species.

And something else: Québec may not be where you first think of looking for Canterbury. Yet what interests les Éditions du Lys Vert is how you might indeed find Canterbury here. If Canterbury were to be the metaphor of the Anglican Communion, how might you hear Canterbury here, in Québec?

In a place where 99% of the population is French-speaking, you might expect Thomas Cranmer’s principle to obtain, of a liturgy and a Church ‘understanded of the people’. That’s not actually the case here. Lys Vert would like to contribute to its realisation. That’s its goal: to provide translations – Anglican resources in French, especially theological resources, for putting at the disposition of anywhere French is spoken: Burundi, Mauritius, Haïti, DR Congo, France. And our beloved Québec.

Do join us. Let’s see what we can do. And bienvenue chez nous.

Without [Cranmer’s] contribution, the unending dialogue of Protestantism and Catholicism which forms Anglican identity would not have been possible.

Diarmaid MacCullogh