Where can I buy Lys Vert books ?

We sell them right here on the website. Click on…and follow through.

How do I pay for a book I order ?

The quickest way is by credit card via PayPal. You pay in the currency of your country and PayPal pays us in Canadian dollars.

But this is not the only way. You can send us a cheque by mail if you have a Canadian bank account, or an International Money Order in CAN$ if your accounts are in some other currency. This information is repeated when you follow through on the Books page. You will find the Lys Vert address on our Contacts page.

Is PayPal secure ?

Yes. It is a very secure and widely used internet bank.

Do I need to have a PayPal account to buy through PayPal ?

No. If you use the Order button on our Books page, you are led to the Order page. If you choose to pay by cheque, the instructions are there. If you choose to use a credit card, fill in the page and you will be led to the PayPal page. People with no personal PayPal account fill in the left hand side with their credit card details (there is no obligation to open an account). Only PayPal account holders log in on the right hand side.

Do you need to receive my payment before you ship the book ?

Yes. PayPal notifies us by email of each purchase and we respond immediately. Or you email us if using another method.

What are the shipping and handling costs ?

For one or two books, shipping and handling rates (in CAN$) are:
within Canada $4
to USA $8
to Europe $15
If you are ordering more than two books, please email the office at mia@lysvert.org for the shipping costs, citing quantity and destination.

How fast is delivery ?

Oh dear! Canada Post is no more precise than between 4 and 15 (business) days. In principle the closer to Québec, the sooner.
If you would like a speeded-up order, such as Priority or Express, please email the office at mia@lysvert.org with your request and we will quote you alternatives.