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February 28th

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The blogger Cranmer notes that Richard Dawkins says: the Bible ‘doesn’t have to be tied to religion… It’s important that religion shouldn't be allowed to hijack this cultural resource'.

The blogger Cranmer says in return: ‘Evolutionary biology doesn't have to be tied to Atheism. It is, after all, very important that Atheism shouldn't be allowed to hijack science.

(Cranmer as a blog name is a bit of an in-joke. The great 16th century ‘Father’, as you might say in Patristics, one of those who have shaped the Anglican Church into what it is, has been agreeably hijacked by an articulate if anonymous blogger who writes on things political and religious, with a bias towards Anglicanism.)

…the claim to understand and to speak for the global context of your own speaking is essentially a claim to power.

Rowan Williams