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May 25th

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Where Are We Now?

I’ve had a stint away in a hospital bed – not like “a patient etherised upon a table”, actually one. More of that anon, very uplifting experience. But while I was at it, the world kept turning, as it will, and so I pose the title of this blog.

And I suggest to you three takes on our beloved Communion which I found particuarly trenchant, each from a different ‘national church’. Now my problem is the lack of funds for translating them into French, which is what they really need. Things need to be heard. As Arthur Miller’s stage character said so long ago, «Attention must be paid.»

Here are the links to the English originals.

(Any $ help with the French is welcome!)




Society itself [is] the ‘religious community’ in which Gospel imperatives are carried out. Everyone is under monastic discipline, you might say; there is no vicarious holiness.

Rowan Williams