Archbishop's address at the Willebrands Symposium in Rome

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, speaking in Rome, addresses the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. The address is part of a symposium being held at the Gregorian University, to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Cardinal Willebrands, the first president of the Council.

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The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams gives an ecumenical challenge in Rome. Read about it at Blog Feb 4, 2010. Read the original at the url given. Well worth the read! You’ll find the French translation (courtesy of Lys Vert) on the French side of this site.

God is first and foremost that depth around all things and beyond all things into which, when I pray, I try to sink. But God is also the activity that comes to me out of that depth…very much a presence. Very much a person.

Rowan Williams